Student Film Market project seeks to resolve three key problems:

  • Film schools teach different specialties, but very often one school is unable to provide all needed specialties for realizing a film, or there are schools that teach specific technical abilities, but they lack students from creative disciplines (e.g. directing, scriptwriting) to make their projects
  • Film schools’ graduates often have projects that are ready to go into professional production and lack contacts with professional film industry, esp. on the international level, which hinders the labor market compliance of their education.
  • Film markets have become everyday form of working for professional film industry, but most of the existing film markets are used to target professional film makers only. Therefore, film students don’t get any experience in this field during their studies, which is a great challenge when they enter labor market after graduation.

Currently there is no suitable international format of film market, designed for film students, that would 

successfully tackle all three of those issues.

For film schools the Student Film Market app (web, Android, iOS) provides several additional features, which turn it into a handy tool for establishing contacts with:

  • collaborators in another school for an unfinished film

  • international film industry representatives
  • interested film companies, distributors or festivals

The app will also easily allow to share portfolios and organize on-line festivals.

Requests for joining the beta testing can be sent to